Deion Sanders is sick and tired of people saying the Patriots’ dynasty is done

Deion Sanders is sick and tired of people saying the Patriots’ dynasty is done

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mike de julia says:

Patriots are just getting started. Brady will play till he is 50

Chris Minneapolis says:

But it is done. Like green bay pats will be losing some key players. With brady the pats will always be viable but they have yet to win the afc champ so lets wait til that game and talk future of pats.

SupaMario81 says:

I remember a few years ago Deion Sanders predicted Tom Brady would win two more rings. I wish I could find that clip.

Hippy Honcho says:

Idk what brady is better at , destroying phones , or deflating balls.
What do you guys think?

popp sosa says:

deion funny

Thomas Ries says:

I'm s tired of the NFL media sucking up to Brady and the Patriots. Its really annoying the Titans were screwed

dan cash says:

I want to see The GOAT go out like Joe Theismann then it will be all over for Tom IMO.

Brandon Carter says:

damn people they were playing the Titans! come on, in there first playoffs in almost ten years. thats like saying a grown man is amazing for beating up on a teenager WOW what an accomplishment. Tired of this team getting smoke blowed up their ass for beating the likes of the Jets year after year. Weakest division in the NFL, a dynasty by default is no Dynasty at all. sad really.

Joe Vignolo says:

The only answer for Gronk is to have him kidnapped on the way to the stadium.

jamaican lova 28 says:

Great season Tennessee. They're an up and coming squad and is gonna get better. Die hard fan #Titan up

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