Power Ranking And Grading 2018 NFL Head Coaching Hires

Power Ranking And Grading 2018 NFL Head Coaching Hires

We have a fresh set of NFL coaching power rankings after Josh McDaniels spurned the Indianapolis Colts to stay with the New England Patriots. Taking over as the head coach for the Colts is the former offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, Frank Reich. Mike Vrabel takes over for Mike Mularkey as the new head coach of the Tennessee Titans, but we only have him ranked at #6. Even lower than him is new Cardinals head coach, Steve Wilks, who comes to the team after being the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers for one year.

At the top of our list is Matt Patricia and Jon Gruden, the new head coaches of the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders respectively. Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears comes in after them #2 with Pat Shurmur from the New York Giants checking in at #4. Check out the full list below. Our ranking of the NFL coaches who were hired this offseason including Frank Reich, Jon Gruden, and Matt Patricia originally aired at 6:00pm ET on 02/12/2018 on the NFL by Chat Sports Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChatSportsNFL/ — Click the link to watch more future content live!

Check out the full list below.

7. Steve Wilks, Cardinals
6. Mike Vrabel, Titans
5. Frank Reich, Colts
4. Pat Shurmur, Vikings
3. Matt Nagy, Bears
2. Matt Patricia, Lions
1. Jon Gruden, Raiders

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TW ## says:

Josh McDaniels a bitch

SH4D0WXR33CONt1 says:

Jon Gruden might be a little sloppy at first, but I strongly believe his best coaching days are ahead of him. His time as an analyst will prove valuable and Derek Carr is quite literally his dream Quarterback. The Raiders have a great foundation for him to build onto and I would be surprised NOT to see the Raiders in a Superbowl within the next 3 years, especially with the inevitable downfall of the Patriots (Brady getting old, Gronk retirement, losing Butler, Belicheck's power struggle) and Steelers (Ben getting old, may lose Bell, tight cap, lack of discipline, terrible defense).

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