Will NFL Give Bipolar Johnny Manziel a Second Chance? | Out of Bounds

Will NFL Give Bipolar Johnny Manziel a Second Chance? | Out of Bounds

Yesterday, in an interview with “Good Morning America,” infamous party boy and NFL bust Johnny Manziel revealed that he’s bipolar and doing much better now that he’s sober and on medication. Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew discuss whether the revelation makes it more or less likely that a team will give the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner a second shot.

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Funny Duck Vines and Videos says:

Bring Ayo and Teo on the sneaker shopping show

J.K Singh says:

There's a reason why Johnny and his team decided to come out with this now, if anyone has been paying attention to his negotiations with the CFL one team specifically has his "rights" to negotiate with him. They've been talking since the past summer and both parties probably thought they could have or were going to strike a deal that made both sides happy…. Negotiations went to shit recently with Johnny wanting at least 500k guaranteed per season when the CFL probably pays their elite players that… (I read one rookie was paid 40k for a season so yeah). So that particular team told him to go fuck himself… Chances are he wasn't gunna be the starter since they have their franchise guy… So around this time the XFL is announced… Johnny "playfully" tweets he wants in until Vince McMahon made clear players with records won't be in the league…. So that brings us to today…. Dude is hoping for some sympathy from a NFL team…. His best chances is the CFL but he kind of fucked that up by not putting his ego aside. As of right now his best chance is that the XFL decides to allow players with a criminal record in…. But the league doesn't start until two years… His other option is a arena league team… But then $$$ plays a factor for him…. Basically this dude is sort of fucked.

Beats by John says:

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Darrell Clark says:

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Robert Braddix says:

The nfl don't give a fuck about anyone all they care about is making money off of the players & treating them like slaves

Right On Sports News says:

I posted a vid on my channel talking about this and his new team has been confirmed

Dj Hughes says:

The NFL will take him bac……. He's white people.

Manny Quacioua says:


henry brown says:

Gilbert Arenas is an ass

Shooter McGavin says:

As somebody with bipolar disorder, FUCK YOU. In a manic stage I was arrested for disturbing the peace that could’ve turned to assault and practically became a sociopath and in the subsequent depressive state, I was edging suicide and cut regularly. Now that I’m medicated, I’m safe and sound and passing all my classes along with my family feeling more safe around me. Let me reiterate, FUCK YOU

Spicy Sosa says:

Johnny Manziel probably mad as shit watching this…niggas just dissing him left and right lmao…but, don't say nothing when he comes back and he's like a top 10 qb in the league…and if I was him and I was watching this I would prove myself just one more time and when I win like 3 rings Ima go to complex and slap all 3 of them niggas…doubting me and shit..John….don't take this kinda shit…

Spence Boxing16 says:

Johnny to the denver broncos

Adriano Stafford says:

Yall know good and well he gon get another chance in the NFL. No matter how basura (garbage, trash) he is. He need to go into "coaching"kids, under strict supervision, and get his money that way, before people forget who he was, not is. Fuck that dumbass dopehead.

Conework Orange says:

Not if Kaepernick ain’t working but we know how that works #soundsaboutwhite

Michael Hernandez says:

Wassup I love the videos

v.j.thesausegod says:


JustinSantos vlogs says:

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Spencer Morrow says:

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DeeJayCee says:

I uploaded 2🔥 beats in 2 days! Guaranteed to enjoy them. If not, drop a dislike but yu gotta be honest. Any constructive criticism is welcomed, good or bad it helps me out. I appreciate anybody who come thru 💯💯

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